Legends of Verdin

The Naera – ‘Tis but a local tale, friend, and one I’d advise you to heed. Most nights, the rocks of the cairn lie quiet enough on the desolate hill of Draugs Teigh but even those who have never heard the tale of the Naera avoid it at all costs. ‘Tis a place of darkness, exuding a malevolence that makes even the very air seem alive with ill intent. Some say the evil of the place is just a legend, built upon the bones of a tragedy acted out long ago…but some legends have teeth.

A Fairy Tale: Black Aghy – Take heed, children, and be mindful of your ma and fa lest you be lost like so many before you.  Scoff if you will, you little skelpie-limmer, but there’s strange and terrifying creatures afoot in this wide world of our’n.



Maidenfall – Many a lovelorn youth have made the pilgrimage into the Maidenfall Mountains and the goddess Itaia has never failed to answer their prayers. But how did the place come to be a shrine for lovers in the first place? The story is not as happy as one might imagine…