Please Excuse the Absence!

UPDATE 12/15/2017 – Still sick, guys. The cold has gotten worse and added an inner ear infection to boot. I have a new post planned and will have it up as soon as I can!

I promised in my first post that I’d write at least once a week.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a bit of a forced absence this week in the form of a rather nasty cold.  I will have a new post up in the next few days!


About Tara

What to say about myself… Well, I’m a writer in the southwestern portion of the United States, sharing my home with three dogs.  I work both as a federal park ranger and as a freelance fiction editor.

I’m fascinated by the mythology of ancient peoples and with storytelling in general and have loved writing since I was a child. As a result, I obtained a degree in Southwestern Archaeology. My first excavation was in New Mexico on a site that had been occupied from the Late Archaic (around 500 BC) to the Formative (AD 1100).  I am now finishing a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

How does archaeology and story telling fit together? Well, I grew up with a mother who loved antiques and old cemeteries. Every time she’d get a new object, she’d sit and make up stories about what the person who first owned it must have been like. Or she’d lead us through graveyards, searching out the oldest headstones just to ponder who they were and how they lived. So, I inherited both a love of old things and the stories they tell us about people from her. And as humans, whether we realize it or not, we attach meaning to objects and places. Sometimes, we assign them power because of an event or person associated with them. And that’s really what archaeology is all about — discovering the stories that the objects and places we leave behind tell.

When it comes to both writing and my reading preferences, my genres are Epic Fantasy and Horror, and I often write stories that are a blend of the two. I’m currently working on building a fantasy world tin which my novels and all of my stories are set.  The short stories and novellas you’ll find here are part of Verdin’s mythology and history.


Well, aren’t you the lucky one…

Welcome to Raven’s Deep, my friend!  You lost?  Now, don’t go getting your knickers all up in a twist. I’ve seen plenty of greenhorns come through the doors of this old tavern and you’ve got that self-same look about you—a mix of being too wet behind the ears and not long enough in the tooth.  Nothing to be ashamed of.

Ah, so you are new to the place, then! Well, let me pour you an ale as you get yourself acquainted with The Deep, as most folk here call it. This old port town’s got a dark reputation, and one well-earned at that. To put it bluntly, if you’re here, then you’re either a pirate, an assassin, or a thief—or you’re looking to hire one.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a good story. If that’s the case, have yourself a look around. The proprietress, Ms. Grímravn, has set up quite an establishment here. If it’s tales of adventure you’re seeking, you’ll find them—liberally doused in blood, adventure, and a bit of mead.

Again, welcome to Raven’s Deep.