The Beloved of Thalatth

Shai’ith isn’t the only being dwelling in the Outside that takes an interest in Creation…

Many of those on the Outside have been worshiped as gods. One in particular has taken an interest in the affairs of Verdin.

Thalatth is the Primordial Dragon Goddess of the Outside, created by Shai’ith to guard the Wellspring of Creation.  Also known as the Glistening One, she is the epitome of feminine beauty while in human guise.  Although ultimately formless, her most common form is a monstrous dragon.  The reasons behind her interest in Verdin and the Spheres of Creation are unknown but she watches the events of that unfold within them very closely.

As the Mother of Monsters, Thalatth has given birth to numerous beings, most of which are far too terrifying to act within the Spheres of Creation.  As such, the dragon goddess has chosen three deities, collectively known as the Beloved of Thalatth, to act as her representatives when she deems it necessary to intervene in mortal affairs.

Kalthe – The Sword of Thalatth  (top)

Lord of Lust, Creation, and Destruction.  The Grand Fateweaver.

One of the Beloved of Thalatth, Kalthe’s origins are older than Thalatth herself and are known only to himself and Shai’ith.  He is the master of all energies, able to manipulate, control, wield, create and destroy them at will.  He is both the source of all energy and the end of all energy. Good and evil are of little concern to him, as such concepts are merely the constructs of mortals’ limited perceptions.

As the Sword of Thalatth, Kalthe acts as the catalyst for and the enforcer of her will within Creation.  As the Grand Fateweaver, Kalthe commands and controls all the threads of fate, above and beyond all other divinities and spirits. He weaves the fates of not only single beings but also of universes and entire planes.  Once shaped by his hand, no other can ever change his weaves for all energy flowing through the fates are his to command.

Kalthe is Lust in its most raw, primal form.  This is not to simply imply that sexual lust, but all lust.  The phrase “consumed by desire” takes on new meaning with Kalthe Creatures such as incubi and succubi are dear to him, as are any who feed off the sexual energies of others or devour their partners.

As Thalatth is feminine beauty personified, Kalthe represents the ideal male form.  He values strength, both physical and spiritual, above all else.  However, he has little concern for those beneath him.  Kalthe takes what he wills and does what he wills for he is the embodiment of will itself.  He answers the call of only the strong and loyal—and both that strength and loyalty will be tested over and over again.

Kalthe is the Keeper of the Flame of Light from which the sole source of Life flows throughout all Spheres of Creation.  He is neither cruel nor kind, but always indifferent towards the affairs of mortals, acting only when something piques his interest.  Appearing as a young and handsome blue-skinned man, Kalthe is often surrounded with energy waves of all types and strengths, his hands electrified by various colors of lightning, although most commonly purple-black. One can at times see entire cosmoses floating in his auric field. He often manifests completely naked, using energy itself as his clothing, a flaming sword of white fire hanging from his left hip and one of black fire on his right.

Neria – The Arrow of Thalatth (top)

Lady of Death, Insanity, Vengeance, and Treachery.  The Grim Hunter.  The Lady of Laughter.

Another of the Beloved of Thalatth, it was she who seeded true dark elves into the Spheres of Creation.  When called upon by the Mother of Monsters, Neria chose to enter Creation as a Drael deity born to the Goddess Illuria while retaining her powers of the Outside.

As the Arrow of Thalatth, Neria acts as her executioner.  She is the Grim Hunter and once set upon a target, there is no hope for its salvation. The natural world throughout all Spheres of Creation is at her disposal and she bends its laws to her whim.  Nature, the fae, and the elements themselves are her informants and therefore nothing happens to which she is not privy.  Even the wind that blows across the Spheres speaks to her, carrying news of all it has heard and witnessed.  Using any and all means at her disposal, she closely monitors the pulse of information as it flows through the planes.

Neria is the Keeper of the Flame of Darkness from which flows the sole source of Death throughout all the Spheres.  Intimately familiar with the subtleties and nuances found in games of intrigue and political power plays, she is the goddess of espionage, subterfuge, and sabotage.

Beautiful yet treacherous, her warm smile and playful charm mask an exceedingly malicious and cunning mind. A dark trickster, Neria can be either benevolent or cruel and views interactions with mortals as opportunities for great fun, being especially fond of riddles, jokes, and games.  As mischievous as she can be malevolent, Neria delights in inciting mayhem from the shadows and watching the fruits of her handiwork unfold.  She is both capricious and unpredictable and wields the wild magics of insanity and chaos.  Those with a shattered psyche and broken mind are drawn to her as the Goddess of Insanity and she gleefully welcomes them into her shadow.  Wolves and werewolves are sacred to her, and she is often seen in the company of both.

Neria appears as a grey-violet skinned woman of ethereal beauty dressed in elaborate yet revealing living armor vaguely reminiscent of a jester’s garb.  Twin daggers hang at her hips upon which tendrils of energy can be seen along the blades.  A black bow and full quiver is secured at her back.  Her curled, waist-length white hair is tied in three ponytails at the top and back of her head, each secured with an elaborately jeweled golden clasp. Wisps of escaped hair frame her face.  She maintains a demeanor of relaxed and jovial friendliness that sometimes borders on the theatrical. Her blue-violet eyes appear friendly at first glance but the observant will sense something far more sinister hidden beneath.  Despite this welcoming appearance, a mercurial aura emanates from her that sets those around her on edge.

Neas – The Shield of Thalatth  (top)

Lord of Healing and Protection.  Great Father Tree.  The Dragon’s Shield.

Like his companions, Neas is the third and final member of the Beloved of Thalatth. Through his divine essence, the wounds of mortals and Creation itself may be healed.  In this role, he sometimes manifests as the Great Father Tree, an enormous twisted oak whose leaf-laden branches shimmer with green lights.

Neas also acts as a guardian for those in need of protection.  He takes this duty very seriously to the detriment of anyone trying to harm those in his care.  However, he is quick to act without a care for repercussions, which has occasionally resulted in the decimation of entire races. In his role as protector, Neas appears as a young Light Elf with golden draconic eyes and glowing skin wearing sparkling green robes and carrying an oaken staff.  Sacred to him are any who practice the art of healing.