Revamping Raven’s Deep

20 May 2018

Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by!  Just wanted to let you know that I’m in the process of revamping the website.  You’ll notice my newly-minted blog (November 2017) will appear to not have been updated since Christmas as the last several posts have been removed in order for me to rework them.  The thing is that I realized that all of my needs as an author weren’t being entirely met with my current set-up.

Originally, when I first conceived of Raven’s Deep over a year ago, it was as a place to share the lore of Verdin that I wouldn’t be able to include in books or short stories—things like background information on the world, its religions and politics, the creation of the multiverse, and more—as well as a few short stories as they are published here and there.  That is still going to happen.

The blog, though, was a new addition and as much as I love doing it, I don’t know that I thought the content plan through as well as I should have. So Im going to pause for a bit and do that now.

In addition, as I move forward as a writer, I feel that I need to rethink my presentation to make this more of an author’s website and broaden my focus just a wee bit. With the current set-up, I’m heavy on one side, light on the other.  It’s incredibly unbalanced.

As I re-work my content, please bear with me.  It may look as though the place has stalled entirely for a bit while I redo my content strategy and refresh the appearance.  And this may take me a while, what with finishing an MFA, working full time, interning as a journalist, and writing my thesis novel.

At any rate, thank you for stopping in and welcome to Raven’s Deep.

I’ll be back soon!